Hi there! CarePackage Prayers is moving along smoothly today. As you may have already noticed, this is a combination of social prayer sharing and care package gift shop. It is the developing result of an idea thought up by Hannah Noriega. Hannah is currently away in college at the University of Maine. It’s her first year and, precisely, her first weekend living away from home.

Being a Christian college student is an learning adventure. Students are often plucked up from the fertile roots of their hometown church – and burdened with the quest for spiritual, personal growth in a new town, city, state or even country!  As parents and friends we want to help them feel like they are never “too far” from the love we have for them and absolutely never too far from the ultimate friend, Jesus Christ.

Each of the CarePackage Prayers we offer includes a bit of the Gospel in some way. There are Inspirations, devotionals, study bibles, or tokens that remind us that the Lord our God is always with us.

Here on the site we welcome a community of prayer. Sharing a prayer requires that you register as a member. This is primarily to allow you control of the privacy of your prayer.  You can create a prayer journal of your own, or invite friends and other members to pray with you, pray for you or be inspired by what you’ve shared.

We will never sell or share your email address, prayer or post content. You choose what to post and when, and it is your choice to remove a post if you see fit. The site is secured for payment transactions, and your personal data is protected. That being said, posting online is inherently a public thing.  Please take care and consideration before sharing personal or private details in a prayer post.